Meet Pat

My name is Pat McCauley and I have been grooming for over 35 years.  I started out as a Vet's Asssistant but it was during my course that I went on a work experience with a dog groomer and fell in love with grooming.  I apprenticed with a groomer and have never looked back!  

I have a passion and love for dogs and grooming, and believe in continued education.  I have been to Groom Expo in Pasedena, California, Super Zoo in Los Vegas, and the Vancouver Island Grooming and Trade Show in Victoria,BC. It was wonderful to see all the new techniques, products and be able to take classes from the top groomers in North America.  I believe it is very important to stay up to date and learn new procedures so that I can offer my clients and their furry friends the very best in both grooming and safety.

At Ladysmith Dog Grooming we pride ourselves on having the latest grooming equipment as well as the best safety equipment for your dog's comfort!

We Have:

Hydro-Bathing System:  Not only will your dog enjoy a water massage that feels great on his/her joints, but gets their hair and skin clean and healthy.

Electric Grooming Table: This lowers to allow larger dogs to walk on the table comfortably then rises quietly and smoothly for your dog's comfort.

Groomers Helper Restraint System: This collar system prevents falls off the table, allowing your dog to feel more confident while being groomed and also preventing any damage to his windpipe.

Happy Hoodie:  Dryer noise is hard on our ears and often makes the dogs uncomfortable, Happy Hoodies are a soft terrycloth band that protects your dogs ears and cuts out a lot of the noise to make grooming stress free.

Atomizer: This air purification system releases atomized natural essential oils which not only smell great but has a calming and destressimng effect on your pet while cleaning the air.